Buck Naked in the Barn: A Goodreads Review

This is my Goodreads review of Buck Naked In The BarnBuck Naked In The Barn by Stephen Hoppa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This little gem delivers it all… well, almost all. I found it a quick (yet quite satisfying) read with enough sex, romance and external story to keep everything pretty interesting. I must admit, I picked up this read to see how Stephen Hoppa was going to handle the logistics of five men having sex in the same place and the same time (believe me, he handled it beautifully) but I was even more intrigued by the way Hoppa imbued the raw and voyeuristic sexuality with emotional freight and narrative direction. Each of the five characters had a strong backstory–or motivation, at least–which made complete sense of their activities and feelings, and the web of power dynamics encompassed all five men in a way I can only call masterful. Because of the brevity of this work, I will refrain from saying more, lest I spoil the experience for others, yet I highly recommend this and longer fiction by Stephen Hoppa, although for shorter fiction with an emotional punch, he’s become one of my favorites.

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