Sex Magick: constructing a short synopsis à la Jeff Lyons

The next step I want to take with Sex Magick before I start slinging words around again is constructing a short synopsis according to the methods outlined by Jeff Lyons in his book Anatomy of a Premise Line (which I have been using to resurrect the Sex Magick project when it stalled). Lyons suggests that “the synopsis should be an expanded version of your premise line, including each clause of the Anatomy of a Premise Line Template™ with each clause broken out into more detailed beats.” I can do that. And so I will.  Continue reading


Sex Magick: from idea to premise line, Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this series, I identified the moral blind spot and immoral effect connected to the character of Raphael, the protagonist of Sex Magick. I also came up with some interesting backstory explaining how Raphael acquired his moral blind spot. I’m going to skip talking about the dynamic moral tension and go right to the seven components of the Invisible Structure. Continue reading

Sex Magick: from idea to premise line, part 1 of 2

Over the years I’ve wanted to write a story about an escort with the power to heal through sexuality and his falling in love. That is the core idea of Sex Magick. The story has been with me for years in various forms and I’ve done extensive research for it in the areas of sex magick (some practitioners of Wicca make a distinction between the “magic” of illusion and the “magick” of spellcraft) and Tantra and bodywork and various esoteric systems of energy and mind-body alignment. Continue reading

A New Project: Code Name: Sex Magick

About a month and a half ago, I started work on what I thought would l be a quick throw-away piece on a theme I had considered over the years: a little romp about a magician who seduces a young man who comes to his shop looking for love. I gave it a working title of “Sex Magick. Simple, right? Well, that blossomed into the idea for a novella, and off I went, blissfully typing until I got to 14,000 words—and got stuck. Continue reading

Review: Anatomy of a Premise Line by Jeff Lyons

lyons-anatomy premiseI was impressed with Anatomy of a Premise Line: How to Master Premise and Story Development for Writing Success (Focal Press; June 5, 2015) by Jeff Lyons. I was stuck in the middle of a story with no place I wanted to go that I could see, and then I read an article by Jeff Lyons which made the distinction between a story and a situation. That piece of wisdom alone was worth buying the book. And it didn’t disappoint. Just reading through the book without doing any of the exercises helped me see where and why I left myself hanging and where I could go with my story. Continue reading