Books & Authors I’ve Enjoyed

This is a list of M/M fiction I’ve enjoyed, sorted by author and series.

Bowen, Sarina and Elle Kennedy.

The Him series.

  • Him. Long-time friends Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley explore the fact that, although they play on rival college hockey teams, they play for the same team, sexually.
  • Us (Him, Book 2). The romance between Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley deepens, and the boys contemplate a life together—but not without complications.

Erickson, Megan. See the Cyberlove series under Santino Hassell, below.

Hassell, Santino
. A brilliant author whose works I have greatly enjoyed. Sign up for his newsletter at

The Five Boroughs series:

  • Sutphin Boulevard. Five Boroughs Book #1. Michael Rodriguez and Nunzio Medici, mostly-openly-gay teachers at a queer-friendly high school in Brooklyn, find their long-time friendship becoming a little more than they bargained for against a very realistic background of personal struggle. Added 30 August 2016.
  • Sunset Park. Five Boroughs Book #2. Michael’s little brother, Raymond has a same-sex romance of his own with Michael and Nunzio’s whitebread, out-gay coworker David Butler. Can this relationship succeed between men who are as different as night and day? Added 30 August 2016.
  • First & First. Five Boroughs Book #3. We head very upscale to follow the story of upper-crust born and bred Caleb Stone and Oliver Buckley who discover their own struggles on the path towards love among the wealthy New Yorkers—and sex parties—of the Upper East Side. Added 30 August 2016.

The Cyberlove series (with Megan Erickson):

  • Strong Signal. Cyberlove Book #1. Deployed Army mechanic Garrett Reid and reclusive cyber-personality Kai Bannon begin a long distance relationship which is tested when it becomes up-close and personal back at home. Added 30 August 2016.
  • Fast Connection. Cyberlove Book #2. Dominic ‘Nikky’ Costigan, a former hookup buddy from Garrett’s time in the army goes searching for some man-on-man hookup action back home and meets Luke Rawlings, a silver fox with lots of rules and boundaries. Added 30 August 2016.

Hoppa, Stephen. I’m not the biggest fan of cowboy domination/submission play, but (damn!) does Hoppa write a hot scene. He’s pretty good at story, too and can do romance. I’ve read some longer fiction of his, but I especially recommend his shorter fiction.

  • “Buck Naked in the Barn”, which I reviewed here, is a masterful work of short fiction involving five cowboys having sex in the loft of a barn while a wedding reception takes place downstairs. This short piece has more drama than many novels and is quite satisfying in the sex department, too.

Walker, N.R. An Australian author who has mastered the American idiom.

The Thomas Elkin series follows the romance of famous, established architect, Thomas Elkin with his brilliant, upstart intern, Cooper Jones.

  • Elements of Retrofit. Thomas Elkin Book #1.
  • Clarity of Lines. Thomas Elkin Book #2.
  • Sense of Place. Thomas Elkin Book #3.