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The Story at a Glance

Sex Magick tells the tale of Raphael, a sex worker/energy healer who unexpectedly falls in love with Tobias, a cute, innocent guy he has a fling with over the objections of Asmo, the murderous demon who is Raphael’s familiar.

About the Project

Sex Magick is one of my writing projects, which I intend to publish as a novella (~40,000-50,000 words) by the end of February 2018. Although the idea has been kicking around for years, I started writing it in February 2017 and had reached 14,000 words by the end of March 2017.

The Premise Line

The request of Tobias, a handsome, young man with an air of innocence about him, for a love spell prompts the aloof and opportunistic Raphael to flirt with him, which results in Raphael’s seducing Tobias to have a short-term fling which is opposed by Asmo, the demon who wants Raphael’s energies for himself  leading to Raphael’s realization that he has endangered Tobias and his subsequent decision to sacrifice himself to save the young man. Written 28 March 2017.

The Settings

  • THE GRIMOIRE. Raphael’s esoteric bookstore and occult supply shop.
  • The CITY. The location of The Grimoire. Modeled after Boston.

The Characters

  • RAPHAEL, 27, is the owner of The Grimoire, an esoteric bookstore. He also works as an escort who uses his powers of energy healing to make his clients very, very happy and satisfied.
  • TOBIAS Fisher, 24, is a student at the Divinity School who has an interest in esoterica… and Raphael.
  • ASMO, or Asmodeus, an ancient demon of lust who feeds on human sexual energy. Raphael “inherited” Asmo from Nigel, Raphael’s mentor and patron, who disappeared mysteriously.
  • BRAD, 26, Tobias’ slutty roommate.
  • SETH, 26, Tobias’ prudish roommate.
  • ALASTAIR Mackenzie, 70, Raphael’s current favorite patron and father figure.
  • NIGEL Hawthorne, 56, Raphael’s missing patron.

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