Christopher’s Projects

This is a partial list of my writing projects by working title.

Communion tells the story of James Jacoby, an openly gay, black Episcopal academic looking for a vocation, community and (maybe) a Christian husband at a conservative, minister-track, Presbyterian seminary. When he meets his roommate, Pete, a gorgeous Evangelical Fundamentalist who wants to be his brother in Christ, he realizes that living a life of integrity while pursuing his goals is going to be much more difficult than he first imagined.

The Garden tells the story of Corey, an artist working as a lab assistant who finds himself seduced by the beauty of Vertumnus, a poisonous, indigo-haired young man who lives in the lush garden of the mansion next to the one where he rents a small attic apartment. Written 09 June 2016. Revised 04 May 2017.

Sex Magick tells the tale of Raphael, a sex worker/energy healer who unexpectedly falls in love with Geoff, a cute, innocent guy he has a fling with over the objections of Asmodeus, the murderous demon who is Raphael’s familiar.