The perfect template for writing: the search is over!

I’ve decided to end my search for the perfect template, the perfect formula, the perfect outline that I can plug my plot points and characters into and be done with it. That is because my stories are unique—as are all stories—and no one formula will do my stories justice.

I will, however, continue to gobble up how-to books on how to write and, specifically, how to write M/M Romance. Isn’t this a contradiction? Let me explain.

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Books I’ve Enjoyed – An Introduction

Today I added the Books I’ve Enjoyed page to the Resources section of Romance for Men. This is in preparation for my doing reviews of the books I’m reading to learn more about the craft of writing high quality M/M fiction [and, of course, for my own enjoyment].

The first books I added come from two series: the Five Boroughs series by incredibly gifted and steamy author Santino Hassell, and the Cyberlove series, co written by Hassell and Megan Erickson (whose stand-alone works I haven’t yet read). Continue reading