Sex Magick backstory: Raphael, Asmo and Nigel

I wanted to work on Sex Magick tonight. I’ve been away from the story—at least the writing of it for over a week. I’ve been plotting more than pantsing during this hiatus, and thought I’d explore some of Raphael’s backstory, particularly his history with his former mentor, Nigel (now strangely missing), and Asmo, who Raphael suspects had something to do with Nigel’s going missing.

I’d like to begin in Raphael’s adolescence, or at least the abrupt end to his childhood. In senior year, Raphael became involved in a consensual sexual relationship with Billy, a classmate with a very conservative, religious family. Raphael and Billy got caught in flagrante delicto in Billy’s bedroom by Billy’s mom, who had brought them some milk and cookies to help them study. Billy’s mom had come to admire Raphael’s influence on Billy, keeping him home and in the books instead of running around town chasing the many young ladies who found Billy so very attractive. Billy was handsome, on the wrestling team and got relatively good grades—when he studied. Raphael was artistic, polite, almost beautiful and studious. Raphael knew that his only hope for happiness was getting out of their small, New England coastal fishing village and getting an education in some city far away. Raphael’s friendship with Billy was a godsend in the eyes of Billy’s mom, although Billy’s dad wasn’t so sure.

Well, from a certain perspective, the misgivings of Billy’s dad were justified. Billy got sent off to reparative therapy and Billy’s dad proceeded to blame Raphael for tempting his angelic son into perversion of the worst sort. Word gets back to Raphael’s father who proceeds to knock out Billy’s dad with a single punch. When Raphael’s father tells Raphael he had better watch his step; the whole town is talking about my queer son, Raphael refuses to deny that he and Billy were having sex. There has been animosity between Raphael and his dad since childhood. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Raphael loved poetry and dance, interests Raphael’s father held in contempt. Now, I realize that Raphael is not Raphael’s first name but his middle name. His confirmation name. His first name was actually John, or to be more precise little Johnny. I haven’t settled on a last name as of yet. Anyway, Raphael’s dad kicks him out of the house. Good thing it’s almost summer; Raphael has just the clothes on his back and a little cash from his job delivering pizzas and hoagies for Giuseppe’s.

Raphael heads to the highway which bypasses their town and hitches a ride to Provincetown, where he lands a stint as a houseboy. He happens to be eighteen by the time he gets there (or I wouldn’t be able to talk about his exploits, which are many). One thing leads to another, and he finds that he can make some extra cash dancing, and that leads to escorting.

When the summer is over, Raphael heads to Boston where he rents an apartment and sets himself up in business, thanks to the classified ads in the back of the Boston Phoenix. He establishes a clientele which not only funds his life, but encourages him to build on his charms by adding marketable skills. Raphael starts with studying erotic massage and moves on to non-erotic massage. His school’s emphasis on esoteric disciplines suits him perfectly, and he develops an interest in paganism and Wicca. His interest in finding out more leads him to Nigel Hawthorne, a handsome man in his mid-fifties with thick, black hair, graying at the temples, who introduces Raphael to sex magick. Raphael and Nigel become lovers, and Raphael moves into the apartment over Nigel’s store, the Grimoire. Raphael goes legitimate, mostly (he still does erotic massage, but not full-on sex with clients), and starts to work at the book store and feed his insatiable desire to learn about the esoteric and the occult.

Nigel also has an insatiable desire to understand and wield the power of the occult and has progressed in his own studies to the point where he has acquired a familiar, a demon named Asmodeus. Nigel calls him Asmo, and he takes the form of a black cat who lives in the shop. Nigel might need to live over the apartment, also. Nigel has a secret room in his apartment where Raphael is not allowed to go. Somehow, Nigel makes a mistake, or Raphael interrupts him, or some other tragic event, and Nigel is sucked away to another plane, never to be seen again until, perhaps Raphael goes looking for him with new boyfriend, Tobin, in Book 3 of the trilogy. But I’m ahead of myself.

Actually, maybe I’m at a good stopping place for now. Perhaps my muse will let me dream the scene where calamity claims Nigel and Asmo decides to hang around with Raphael for a while.

What are your thoughts? Is the tale getting more interesting? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line at I appreciate your interest and your ideas.

Blessed be!


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