Review: Darkest Desires by Noah Harris

harris-noah-darkest-desiresI just finished reading Darkest Desires by Noah Harris, Book 1 in the City of Sinners series. It is a compelling, powerfully seductive read that took me places I didn’t know I wanted to go and left me filled with suspense and good erotic energy for the duration. Below is my Amazon review: review of Darkest Desires (City of Sinners Book 1)

A gripping, suspenseful journey into the world of gay sex and the paranormal

Wow! I’ve read Noah Harris before and he definitely pushes the boundaries of paranormal m/m romance, but I wasn’t prepared to go on such a captivating journey to places I never thought I actually wanted to go. Yet I loved it. The quality of Noah’s storytelling and the level of suspense he created drew me right along and kept me reading long after I had passed personal boundaries of what I thought of as suitable reading material for me.

One of the things that intrigued me about the story is its firm and palpable grounding in its setting of late-seventies New York City. I’m not old enough to have been a part of that scene, but I came close. And the joy and freedom–along with the dangers–of living life in the gay part of the sexual revolution seemed to ring true with what I understand of the period and location. One of the unexpected joys of the novel was the fact that Richard, the main character, quickly falls into a surrogate family of friends/lovers who sustain and protect him throughout the narrative. Another unexpected joy is that the second most important character in the novel, Tyrone, is black. I run across characters of color more now that before, but, boy is the m/m romance world a sea of white boys and men! Tyrone was convincingly black, yet without being an uncomfortable and one-sided stereotype. He has a backstory, he is attractive, he has agency, and one hope to see more of him in future books.

And I do hope there are future books. Because, even though this journey went farther than I thought it would into places I didn’t think I’d want to go, the story is so suspenseful and compelling, I can’t wait to see what adventures Richard and Tyrone and their circle of friends get into next.

I apologize that I haven’t provided more details about the plot (others will do that, I’m sure) but the twists and turns from the colorful world of late-seventies New York City to the frightening world of the paranormal are best left for the reader to discover. And I recommend that you do discover them in Darkest Desires, the first in the series City of Sinners.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

More could be said. Perhaps I will.


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