Romance for Men is an exploration and celebration of M/M fiction, including M/M romance, erotica and gay literature.

Why did I start this blog? I’m a writer and the genre that seems to have chosen me is M/M romance, although my personal style tends towards erotica at times and gay literature on the other. I’ve been reading widely in two areas: (1) M/M romance, and (2) how-to books on how to write both romance and fiction in general. I’d like this blog to be a place where I can discuss the best (sometimes the worst) of what I’m reading in both genres with the aim of learning how to craft quality stories myself.

So, on this blog I hope to chronicle my explorations both in the world of M/M fiction and in the world of how to write M/M fiction. I hope to write reflections (not necessarily full-blown reviews) on the fiction works I’m reading, and I hope to distill the wisdom in the how-to books I read into a coherent system I can use to craft my own works.

What will you find here? In addition to the blog, which will contain my reflections and occasional endorsements, I’ve set up the following pages:

  • Welcome. An Introduction to the Romance for Men blog.
  • Resources.
    • Books & Authors I’ve Enjoyed.
    • Glossary. A listing of terms with definitions and notes on how we use them.
    • Links. Online and digital resources for writing and appreciating M/M and other genres and sub-genres of fiction.
    • Bibliography. A list of written works of M/M fiction or how-to books on writing.
  • Christopher’s Projects. A partial introduction to the writing projects I’m working on.
  • Contact. A form you can use to send me your general comments.

Of course, I’m open to suggestions and I’d love to have your comments. Perhaps we can create a community of support for both readers and writers in the field in order to enhance our experience of both writing and reading M/M Fiction.